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Imbalanced Nutrition Nursing care plan

This article provides a basic overview Imbalanced Nutrition Nursing care plan, so before determining Imbalanced Nutrition Nursing care plan we have mengetahuai basics of Imbalanced Nutrition Nursing care plan.

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Currently there is no single food that contains all the substances it needs menganekaragamaan gizi. for consumption food every day so ensure the fulfillment of the source substances kecukupaan tanaga, builder substances and substances for nutritional needs someone pangatur.

1. Eat a variety of food
2. Eat for satisfying the adequacy of energy
3. Eat carbohydrate source, half of the daily needs
4. Limit Fats and Oil Consumption Up to a quarter of Energy Sufficiency
5. Use Iodized Salt
6. Eat Food Sources Iron
7 Give only breast milk to babies Aged 6 months
8. Familiarize Breakfast
9. Drink Clean Water, Safe and sufficient amount.
10. Do Physical Activity and Exercise Regularly
11. Avoid drinking beverages that are not safe for the Health
12. Eat Safe Foods For Health
13. Read The Label On Foods packaged