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Nursing care plans for Depression

nursing-careplans.com -This article gives a little overview Nursing care plan for depression and Nursing Diagnosis depression, what is meant by nursing care plan for depression and Nursing Diagnosis for depression?

depression 1 2 150x150 Nursing care plans for DepressionDepression is a condition that more than a sad state, when the condition of depression a person to cause the disruption of their daily social activities then it is called as a disorder Depression. Some symptoms of disorder Depression is a feeling of sadness, excessive tiredness after activity a regular routine, lost interest and enthusiasm, lazy bunch, and disruption of sleep patterns. Depression is one of the major causes of suicide.

The cause of a condition of depression include:

  • Organobiologis factors due to imbalances in brain neurotransmitters, especially serotonin
  • Psychological factors as psychological stress load, the impact of learning the behavior of a social situation
  • Socio-environmental factors such as loss of a spouse, job loss, post-disaster, the impact of everyday life situations other

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV – Text Revision (DSM IV-TR) (American Psychiatric Association, 2000), a person suffering from depression if: A. Five (or more) below the symptoms have existed over a period of two weeks and represents a change from usual state of a person; at least one symptom must (1) emotional depression or (2) loss of interest or ability to enjoy anything.